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Got to 38 I can't get any higher, Amazing game!

is this broken? I put two items in the slot and nothing happens. (Chrome on MacOS, download doesn't even open)

It requires 2 certain items, water and earth try that!

sometimes the ites glitch and ou can not move them

i finished this game online a year or something ago but now im stuck



club plus coal (:

The source code is pretty amazing honestly. It's so ridiculously simplistic that I can alter it for pretty much any crafting system I want. 

It took me less than 10 minutes to add "Magic Gem" which is Magic + Diamond... And If I wasn't going on nearly 20 hours of no sleep I'm sure I could easily make the crafting slots into a 4x4 or even 16x16 grid if I really wanted to 

Great game 10/10!

Finished the game in 34 crafts, now I have an empty kingdom and 34 crafts. Recommend.

How do I craft diamond

It's club + coal!

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first achievement in my life



lol finished it in like 30 mins

I like this game 

i have 40 out of 41 what am i missing?


do you have hat?


Only 30 Items


the only thing that is annoying is that you have to drag the new items down to get them in your "inventory"


I like this game

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Credit goes to @RedFusion Design for this graph of items

------------------------Spoiler Warning Ahead------------------------

Ok I am assuming that if you are looking you are okay with spoilers.


i just unlocked KINGDOM with just 30 blocks ;-;

this is a fun game but i restarted it and i don't really understand how to make stuff so this is really confusing but after all its a good game to play


the things arent merging

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dani reference


wow that was really cool.



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is it just me or the game is lookin kinda THICC tho it needs milk and THICC MILK, oh wait, Brackeys stop making games ;(





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It's pretty cool i love it! Personally think drag/drop can be replaced with left click and right click or double click for faster placement. and maybe some hint  if user can't seemed to find recipe

Awesome work!



i need help i'm stuck

Your only post is from a year ago. lol


Found a bug, you can put items on top of eachother


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dude its a good game and its fun.

also if u combine the fish with magic goo you get sheep then sheep with goo human then human with staff (spear and goo = staff) you get gandalf

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lol romanule!

Cati romani acilea

cativa bro :))

Then could you try replicating this game

you can get fish through fishing rod and water

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Stop replying

Deleted 2 years ago

Technically the fishing rod works as well, but still.

our ancestors used spears to hunt for fish. they didn't invent fishing rods back then. Do your research.

Bad english is funny bruh you dont get the memes this game is fun and easy


Yay! Finished the game!

good game but some parts are hard to figure out

Really cool! I enjoyed it. Very relaxing


It's kinda broken, the placing of the items don't really work and there aren't many items either


I'm having trouble with a bug that makes it o the item is stuck, and i can't move it. Is there a way to fix this?

same happened to me

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Because a lot of people seam to be stuck at various stages, here is a map of all recepies and connections (excluding some Recepies with the same result). 

--------------------- WARNING: SPOILER ---------------------


what can i do with the enemy army? i have no clue!

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mix it with dragon and you get secret scroll, mix that with gandalf and you get world ender, mix that with king wizard and you get KINGDOM (crown)

recpies: magic goo + egg -> magic egg + fire -> dragon -------------------- magic goo + spear -> staff + human -> gandalf ------------------- magic goo + fish -> sheep + magic goo -> human --------------- rock + human -> dwane + potion -> troll + enemy castle -> king wizard -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

you're welcome.

how do you get mindless slaves?

the ring + human

how do i get that ring? I feel like i tried every combination out there and dont get it

Diamond + Magic Goo, but you already know that

did you reply to yourself?

you can do that u know


how to get troll/KINGDOM

troll is dwayne + potion, kingdom is evil wizard and worldende

Finished Yay


Friendly army has me stumped. Hints?

mindless slaves and axe




I really don’t know. It took me hours.

same im finished yay

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