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it was so good but also so short


GOOD GAME! but i dont like the control's

for some reason you can't jump while your walking.

Watched the "making of" video and it was really interesting how you got the idea and implemented it. It's a really good game. Good Job!

Excellent game!!!
Very nice mechanics using 2 characters to solve the puzzles!
And amazing graphics (for lack of better word graphical "simplicity" at its best!!!)

Excellent work!!!


I think the jump could be improved and the walking is too slippery. Regardless, it is a good game.


i think the game is great but my one criticism is that the jump can glitch out and not register as you touching the ground. I think the colliders are the problem with that. But it's still a great game.

Phenomenal creativity! I don't play many indie games but I will be because I'm just starting out with my own independent projects and it will be great use of course to see what's been done. I'm also thinking about making my own tutorials. This game needs to be updated with new levels, it could make a killer app!

nice game

Whoa, such a smart idea!

 Great game, just the controls are a bit sensitive, and I find that I fall off platforms easily.

Good game, the game design is very cool. However I can't hear the sounds.

Great game, but the jump almost never works making the game almost impossible.

Great game Brackeys :) Thanks for adding the source code too, I have some questions about the 'lighting' on pixels it should answer (do you have a video about it too?)

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The controls are way to sensitive in both the web player and the windows build. They also feel unresponsive in the windows build. In the web player I did manage to complete the first couple of levels; but the movement while in the air is really slow, making some levels nearly impossible to complete. Also there was no sound in the web player or the windows build.

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I couldn't hear the sounds either. And actually I've met the same problem on my project too. There is no sound after build using WebGL platform. : (

I loved this game soo much , pretty cool i'll try make one myself


Watch Brackeys Game Jam #2 part 1 from Tiger_J on


It's cute and quite a good idea. Fun to play and also matches the theme, excellent!!


Cute. Fun. A good difficulty ramp. Great responsive character controller, feels as tight as it needs to be. I think it does need at least a few cute sfx (webgl has no sound at all?) to go with it.  Thanks for participating this time! :)


Great game 

Wow great work! love the idea, art, playermovent. really well done!

This is the best game I have tried in the jam, good work.


I can't run the game in my browser. Everything just freezed and then chrome stopped working.

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