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good idea but not that much gameplay


omg how many people are gonna say this??? 

Its for a game jam

Its made in 4 days or less



any way the gameplay is not that much !


if you didn't know

Games take a very very long time to make.

This amount of game play is actaully more than i expected.



1- im a game dev so i know that Games take a very very long time to make. but brackeys is an expert and he can do better 

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Btw how you know brackeys is a expert??!! he has lots of practice.. but that doesn't mean he's that amazing at it.


honestly, 4 days, that's impressive.

Lol your comments just get downvotes because people say their oppinium(Nothing bad to the game its fun(and very very frustrating))


scrolls really fast, makes it too hard.

fun concept though!

its scrolling is so slow


There's a bug D:
if you never let go of left click the glasses will never stop.

Yeh i hope he fixes it :p


so not cool


Remove the "not" in that

Deleted 2 days ago



Fun game but im able to use the magnifying glass thing forever until I die so maybe try fix that but still fun game


way to hard!

you mean easy?

The games concept is hard, deal with it. (also there's games much harder than this.)


It's fun! but at the same time the toughness got me crying :(

s a m e


very awsome game

Deleted 2 years ago

it's ment to be HARD.

its meant to be a rage game (why im i replying to a comment that was made a year ago??)


Awesome game! The jump delays and it's because you are doing Void Fixed Update() instead of Void Update(). I had the same problem with the jumping of my game.


Could you play our game. The game is based on old pc and horrific reality about ads. In this situation you need to choose wisely ads to survive.

Ty for playing.


Awesome concept,

like others have said, the bar can be held indefinitely. Also, moving should be tighter. Currently, a single step to the right moves way too far, and I often found myself walking straight off edges when I want to simply move to the edge.


Im sorry brakey but it has bugs


I got so very lost and confused.


Good, I found that W was annoying for jump, space would be nice. but more importantly the power bar is completely broken, if you just hold left click it lasts forever.


This game is so fun! I participated in the jam, but I wasn't able to finish my game in time...


Good luck next time.

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bruv you're in every single comment 


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The game itself is not bad, but at least you should have put a tutorial....

p.s And yeah, "W" button for the jump... Y u do dis? :(


It's a really cool concept, but it's almost more fun without the flashlight. Like you just run until you die, and then it reveals what killed you. It basically ended up as a memory game for me, anyway.

I sadly can't rate this game because i did not participate in the jam - but i really love the concept of SMB-style game with fake walls! waiting with(out) patience to the Behind-The-Scenes video.


cool concept!


So, I used to like Brackeys, but now I see he is the antichrist. Because he made "W" to be jump instead of the space bar. Infuriating is the only accurate feedback that could ever be given.

r u serious.

Almost allll games do that xD



Woah one year later reply. Yeah I was being sarcastic/exaggerating btw. Love brackeys.

Oh lol.


Unfair mario but fair! I like it

Fun game.

I really like the modern take on retro graphics plus the game control mechanics might get a bit of getting used to a first the player eventually will learn them.

The games totally fits the theme as it uses the levels elements to make the player see if the game is lying to them

Some things to take note on is the camera I found a bit fast and hard to get used to but other wise its cool.

Nice work man!!

If you fancy rating mine you can find it here:

So, I Died 36 times before writing my review :
Let's Start with the Down Side of the Game :
- The Art Style Looks Like Mario, it is not the Worst  (I've Seen Other Games which had bad GFX), but it still not that appealing to look at
- I don't feel u worked on the game feel this time Asbjørn, the Character Controller Doesn't feel good when playing it, it doesn't respond to the Input Immediately.
_ I Think the Camera Should be slower than it is.

Now the upper (cool side) :
- The Game Really Fits the theme very well, that Idea of revealing the Truth of the Game is really fitting the Theme (though Blackthornprod Done it Before)
- Forcing the Player to use Both Mouse and Keyboard at the Same time can really unleash his little gamer.
- the Camera is Smooth, which is kinda advantage.

Although, u may have noticed from other comments that there is a bug in the Game, but still a good one. Cheers


Hey, guys? Is it just me or is Brackeys the only one of the youtubers participating in their own jam? 


I thought that a lil while ago


It's been almost a year. I'm truly curious why you replied to a post this old.

Cause i found the post recently, also i take q while to reply :


I Love Your Game Please Play My Game:

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Like great game and all but the best feature in my opinion has to be that hat animation when he jumps....

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Hey have you heard of the Dreadful whispers?

Cool game mate. My game is just similar to this ....

Check it out

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Reminds me of the Dreadful Whispers, anyone? 

Also, if you just never stop holding down left click, you can continue using the spotlight after the stamina bar runs out...


Unfair Mario vibes, anyone?


not the best but hey at least it's good


Game fits the theme in a really interesting way I never thought of! Commendable achievement, good job!


Really enjoyable, I just wish I were better at games like this. Great climat with the music and loveable concept.


Great game, gives you the power to avoid the traps but keeps it challenging with the scrolling screen.

But there is a bug, if you hold the mouse button and never let it go, you will get an infinite search power.


I haven't gotten very far, but so far the game is great.


Really well done! Love the concept!


I love the premise of this, both infuriating and fun.

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