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bro he has left youtube so no to all questions or if he comes back you can 

Hi, cool game, can you make it online multi player?

and there is another glitch that if you put another plant on the truck that isnt on the list you still get points!!!

and that the truck just goes away of the screen just so the people do not see it they can go away of the map so we dont see it so if they go to the path of the truck until they disappear from the screen they can put the object in the truck and come back on the screen without the item because the item is on the truck so plsss fix this bug too because it makes the game easier to play not challenging to the players to see what score they can beat

Hi Brackeys when i was playing the game me and my sis after a plant is complete and is on the dirt and then you place another seed above it it will disappear and plant the next seed so plsss this is the best game i played on and dont let this flop so plss fix this bug that the player can only place seeds on an empty dirt area


would be fun if I knew how to play. There needs to be either a tutorial that shows what keys to use or a control menu. I was able to find how to pick up the seeds. But could not plant them so I could not do anything else with the game. 

me too

OHHH So if you want to farm you go down and you see next to the water watever on the table there is a hoe go to the farm press space and then put the hoe on the table and take the seeds and you can plant


how to plant stuff

mr pickle couldn't pick up stuff

he can with shift

oh thanks




Nice Game I had 930 Score



So nice for such a short development time


Really fun!


so cool