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i made a game so please play it :) thanks 


The play keys don't work xP


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yes But Try The Source see if it Worked

It Didnt Work

Please Do a keyboard V

   keyboard v   

Yes, I also want keyboard control!

you are suppose to press 'A' on XBOX Controller or 'X' on PS4 Controller :)


This looks really fun but I only have one Xbox controller and keyboard is not supported. :(

Can't play the gameee, X / A doesn't work



X/A on a controller, not a keyboard.

Bruh, this is a controller game. press A button in Xbox controller and X in ps4 controller. Even I was triggered when I couldn't play the game. Hope it solves your problem. :D


I want to share my experience with all of you, I have a PS4 controller and Xbox controller, both worked perfectly, the reason why some on you are not able to play the game is because this is a multiplayer, you need 2 controllers, PS or XB, as long as you plug 2 in, you are safe, keyboard is not supported. - I played it alone :( -

For anyone who cant get their ps4 controller working with this you can use the ds4 tool to get it to work.

i connected a ps4 controller to my pc and it didn't work and how are you supposed to get thhis no a consle annyway

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it says X or A

Deleted 2 years ago



Can't play the gameee, X / A doesn't work

Same her

Deleted 2 years ago

Will there be a keyboard version?

I wish i could have a slightly better pc...

the game looks like a ton of fun!

The world: No more parties stay inside.
Brackeys: Keep the party alive!

love your game and also your videos

I can't play it, buuuut I could learn from your source code, no? :) Awesome music, 10/10

I must be doing something wrong...nothing happens when I press X or A or any keys, even a controller is not responding...just stuck on the intro screen


Uncaught Type : Cannot read type length of null

help it freezes and doesn't let meplay

I can hardly see the text on the page because its so simaler to purple

Fun game! Love you tutorials you have greatly helped me get a grasp on unity's workflow thanks!

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