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So fun but I'm so dizzy now


i got 29 :)

... i played the title screen for 15 MINUTES before i finally realised that i had to press play :"3  stupid me didn't even notice until i read the words beside the planet :"D its a good game tho!

I made a video on your game (43:10)


how to win in this game


no way no one can win this game man





the buttons dont do anything im clicking A D and nothing then when i tryed to reset with space it did nothing i had to reload page


it worked after i reloaded






I got 3.1

I got 1.2


i got yeeted but waited until the planet was 0m in diameter


i made an android port of your game! thanks for all the awesome tutorials, you will be missed



We will all miss Brackeys but he chose to take a break from game development because he's just gotten tired of it. He's always helped us code sad to see him leave but he must have more important things to do...cya


We will miss you brackeys, hope you come back soon 😭😭😭



i also hope

I'll let a man take his time, but me too.

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Goodbye Brackeys. Thank you for helping me through my jurney on the world of coding 😥.

We will miss you

S. Giantsoulis-9/18/2020


LOL I tries to recreate the same game

I cant run it


y not?


Im fan of brakyes. he is a great teacher,,

Deleted 2 years ago

Best game ever

I’m 1.8 meters tall

Sans Gaming


50.2 meters

I got 0.1 Meters


thats impossible


Pretty cool! But, I managed to shrink the planet to 15 m just by driving straight! You might want to aim the meteors.


wow I can't even load the game!!!

if only I could USE THE GAME and not play the waiting game for an hour and 45 minuites and 52 seconds and 169milliseconds.


WOW nice recording ;)

I saw something about this game  on a ludumdare video on youtube by you and by chance I find it 


I spent way too much time watching the planet in the game over screen shrink down to absolutely nothing!

(Literally just becomes a chunk of ash)

Same dude, got to 0m

same lol

BTW i luv the game im a adict


who developed the game first

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suupa fun!


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Awesome job man! especially for being made in 48 hours! I saw your video on making this.


i don't know what to say...tears came when i first ran the game ..its awesome....i actually cant deliver my real felling ..actually i want to be a game developer ..i am learning now...currently i learning to make 3D Assets and also learning only c++(i hope that helps because i now studying at school in INDIA and i have c++ in computer science so..i watch your videos all time..and have learned a lot ...thank you..

Also i don't have good internet or sufficient internet to watch software like unity or unreal but i learned about them ..i am only using blender for 3D modelling  ...i hope after i complete my school education ..i will get good internet and computer ...i will remember you through out my life...thank you...

And also since i don't have good internet i cant play large and good games so i now i always play your game ...and i think its better than downloading pirated games..bye see you soon

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