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wow I can't even load the game!!!

if only I could USE THE GAME and not play the waiting game for an hour and 45 minuites and 52 seconds and 169milliseconds.

I saw something about this game  on a ludumdare video on youtube by you and by chance I find it 


I spent way too much time watching the planet in the game over screen shrink down to absolutely nothing!

(Literally just becomes a chunk of ash)

Same dude, got to 0m

BTW i luv the game im a adict


who developed the game first

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suupa fun!


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Awesome job man! especially for being made in 48 hours! I saw your video on making this.


i don't know what to say...tears came when i first ran the game ..its awesome....i actually cant deliver my real felling ..actually i want to be a game developer ..i am learning now...currently i learning to make 3D Assets and also learning only c++(i hope that helps because i now studying at school in INDIA and i have c++ in computer science so..i watch your videos all time..and have learned a lot ...thank you..

Also i don't have good internet or sufficient internet to watch software like unity or unreal but i learned about them ..i am only using blender for 3D modelling  ...i hope after i complete my school education ..i will get good internet and computer ...i will remember you through out my life...thank you...

And also since i don't have good internet i cant play large and good games so i now i always play your game ...and i think its better than downloading pirated games..bye see you soon

really great! this is the best one


Great Game its so fun!