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i cant beat this game because the enemies have much longer range or i just am not able to hit them


Pixelart Fanart

Death effect looks like minecraft particle


Sword hitbox is too narrow

yeah it's my main complaint

Audio still doesn't work.

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Quite good! Would like some audio and a health system to show how many hits you can take before you die. I also wish you can restart the game after a game over but I guess it's for the game's feel. The doors also need to indicate that they're locked and you need to increase the range of the sword attack.

Once playing the game a bit more, the sword attact is actually good since you can spam it. As for the end, I know this is for a game jam but I would like the final boss to be lock until you killed all the enemies (since it's death's task for you to do so) and I wish door you just open won't be lock in the next room.


Game is... pretty good. It is lacking audio, the aiming should've been better, as on occasion you can't hit them, it could use some audio, and the sprites are a bit blurry.


No Audio?


Cool game :)